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I was a gullible child.  As is often the case, siblings will take advantage of things like this.  I am actually glad my brothers got a few laughs at my expense.  It has formed me into an inquisitive soul.  I remember one time, (I was very young) my brothers convinced me that marshmallows grew on trees.  We still laugh about that.

A few years after the “marshmallow matter” they tried and tried to tell me you could hear corn grown on a warm June evening after rain.  Finally, one day the setting was right to test my brothers’ claim.  Cautious of being their victim again, I snuck out of the house one night and walked into the neighbor’s cornfield.  As I sat quietly, I could actually hear the squeak of the corn because sections of each stalk slip inside one another as the corn grew.  They had actually told me a very strange and true fact!  The corn actually squeaks during the day as well, but there is so much ambient noise, it is impossible to hear the corn grow.

Listening to the will of God can be as difficult as hearing corn grow.  Many claim it is impossible.  There is a lot of ambient “noise” in our lives that must be quieted to hear God well.  God always speaks, but we often, either don’t listen, can’t hear – or worst of all – have no desire to hear Him speak to us.  If you have a desire to hear God speak to you, I encourage you to find a spot to quiet yourself and the world around you enough to hear the still small voice of God as He speaks to you.

Brent Emmerick, Associate Minister


Welcome to the month of June.  It is a wonderful month since so many of us were married during this special month; therefore it is often referred to as the month for lovers.  Since Margaret and I will celebrate our 63rd anniversary on June 3rd, we would concur.  But the joy of the month of June should not diminish what came before it.

Memorial Day should be very special in the lives of Americans.  Almost every family can look into it’s past and see the sacrifice some family member made to gain and retain the rights and freedoms that we enjoy every day.  Many young men and women have sacrificed much time and some of their lives, that we might be the most freedom experienced people in the world.  We need to remember those who made the extreme sacrifice, not only on Memorial Day, but every day of our lives.

The scripture tells us that “Righteousness exhausts a nation, but sin is a reproach to all people.”  Many of the founding fathers had great respect for the Word and a heart for the Lord.  The more we want to develop our personal relationship with Jesus the more our Nation’s values will be aligned with the Will of God.  We sometimes fail to remember that God expects us to live and teach the Royal Law of Jesus who said, “We must love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind and soul and our neighbor as ourselves.”

God has poured out his love upon this nation and I firmly believe that He expects our gratitude to be expressed in the way we live our lives.  Many have given the supreme sacrifice in order that we might be free to worship God, discover a personal relationship with Jesus and demonstrate it in the way we live and love the Lord.

Abraham Lincoln said, “…that these dead shall not have died in vain.”  The test of whether or not that they died in vain will be dependent upon our keeping our freedom and liberty in the years to come.  If we lose our freedom sometime in the future, they will surely have died in vain.  Remember a nation which honors God will know his blessings.  Let Freedom Ring!

(In Christ’s Service, Larry)

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