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Fall is here and the seasons are changing.  To some, Fall is great; the colors, the harvest is probably in the grain bins, and the preparation for the coming changes brought by Winter is done, or well underway.  As we go through the seasons we can walk with God in a loving relationship enjoying the blessings of each season.  Life is a joy filled walk.  Some can even see joy in the Winter season.

Others see Fall as the dying of all the flowers and plant life; the gloom and doom of winter is the only sign they see from the Fall season.  They are unable to see the beauty in both Fall and Winter.  Vernalization is an absolute necessity for many Spring plants.  If they don’t endure the long cold of Winter, the beauty of Spring seen in their blossoms is never released.  Many woods used in lumber would be useless if the tree never saw different seasons.  You see the large rings are formed in Summer and the small tight rings in Winter.  The strength of a tree comes from the alternating density of the rings.  The stress of Winter makes the plant strong and useful.

I believe God knows we need the change, just as much as the plants, so we can grow, produce, be beautiful and finally gain strength to be bigger, stronger, produce more and more beautifully.


Letter from Larry

For many years I had thought what it must be like to be a missionary.  When I heard the word of the Lord, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature,” I knew He was talking to someone else.  Even when Cyntheanne sent me to Russia in 1995, I knew He was talking to someone else.  When I returned from the second Russian Mission in 1996, I knew he was talking to me.

One of my main ideals as a principal was to surround myself with great people and listen to what they had to say.  Each mission trip I have taken for the past 24 years, I have done just that, surrounded myself with super people and listened to what they have told me.  This group of 2018 was no different.

Over the past few years I have been supported by a number of wonderful people from our congregations and fellow churches.  When I think of the people who have walked with me up the mountains in Jamaica, I am a very thankful person.  I realize how blessed my life is when I number those who have served with me in Jamaica.  In the beginning there were Mike Lepper, Dennis Windslow, Brent Emmerick, Mark Brown, and my old high school coach, Bill Reed.  In later years, we traveled with Christy Brock, Tina Wiseman, Steve Gilbert and Nancy Snow.  The last few years we teamed with Scott Broady, David Cruser, Louise Marshall, Dennis Peard, Pam English and Tannis Hahn.  We have been joined with people from other areas such as Karen James, Patrick Prost, Mike and Ann Casey and daughter, Liz.

Cyntheanne has grown in love and truth over these past years and I believe it is partly because we have cared about all the “children of the world.”  I read a book by Gale Sayers, the great running back for the Chicago Bears, entitled “I am Third.”  Mr. Sayers said, “God is first, others are second and I am third.” As long as we remember this, we will continue to serve and grow in the Lord.

In Christ’s Service, Larry

A Brief Explanation of Our Mission in Jamaica

Some may wonder what the story of Jamaica is and what the involvement of Cyntheanne Church is.  In 1996 Cyntheanne and two other congregations started a ministry in Jamaica.  We had a 3 idea plan:

  1. To share the Gospel with those who have had little opportunity to hear it.
  2. To educate children who have had little or no opportunity to go to school.
  3. To build a mission house that would permit American Christians to go to the mission field and come back to their local congregations and light a fire for missions.

We purchased 10 acres and built our first Basic School.  We added the mission house and then proceeded to build the Golden Grove Church and added Cornerstone Christian Academy.  The academy educates children who either can’t go to public school for a number of reasons.  Most of our students enter the first grade at various ages, but many are in their teens and have never been to school.  Louise and I worked mainly with the older students striving to improve their reading skills.

The Silver Grove Basic School accommodates around 25 children who are age 4 – 6.  The nearest public grade school is a couple of miles down the mountain and the children have to walk.  We educate them until they are old enough to walk the two miles on a very narrow and dangerous road.

Next we built the Windsor Basic School.  This school is in a ghetto in Saint Anne’s Bay, about 40 minutes drive from the Golden Grove compound.  This school is extremely overcrowded.  They have 47 students in a space for about 25.  The locals have built a building adjacent to the present school, but it is only 4 walls and a roof.  They desperately need a cement floor and windows and doors.

In that same ghetto, we built the Windsor Church.  We had a wonderful problem.  The building was too small for the number of adults and children coming,  so your mission team completed an addition, new benches  and gave the entire building a new paint job.  This was the main project for Scott, David, Dennis, Pam and Tannis with the help of 4 Jamaicans.  You would be very proud of their work.

About one and a half hours over bery bumpy road is our 4th school and church.  It is located up in the mountains in a town called Guise Hill – Muise.  There we built the Stones Hill Church and Basic School.  We have a new young and energetic minister.  Mr. Williams serves as the minister and oversees the school.  This building is also bulging at the seams, but Brother Williams has great dreams of expanding as needed.

As you can see, your investment of time, talent and resources has produced 3 basic schools , 1 academy, 1 mission house and 3 growing churches.

I pray that you will be in prayer for this mission which you started and have maintained for the past 22 years.

In Christ’s Service, Larry

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