Letter from Larry, April 6, 2021

What a joy it is to be able to look at the beauty of spring after a somewhat long and dreary winter. It seems like the older I get the harder winters are on my body and my spirit. For most of us this has been an especially difficult time because of the pandemic and the inability to visit with family and friends.

The depressed feeling that we have experienced gives us a glimpse of what the followers of Jesus must have felt during those three days between His crucifixion and His resurrection. They felt betrayed, disappointed and bewildered. They had such high hopes that Jesus was going to overthrow the Romans and that Israel would once more be self-ruled. Many saw him as coming to change the physical world and missed the point that he had come to change the spiritual world.

As we look at the blossoms on the trees and bushes; we see the flowers spring forth and the grass get greener every day, we see the excitement of new life coming forth and the plants, trees and grass that looked like they were dead were now alive again.

This is the joy of Easter! This is the celebration of the resurrection! This is the physical evidence of God’s victory over death through Jesus Christ the Lord.

As we face this April, we not only celebrate the beauty of the resurrection, but we celebrate the dawning of a new period in life as we see the pandemic slowly coming to an end. Many of us have felt like life had lost some of its purpose, some of its excitement, some of its value; but when we look at the empty cross and the empty tomb, we know that Jesus is preparing us to even greater things in the future than we were able to do in the past.

When Jesus challenged us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every human being, he was saying “live in the words of the Lord.” Let people see the love in your heart so that they might find that love in their own hearts. Some of the best words ever spoken are, “Why do you look for the living among the dead” and “He is not here, He has risen.”

Let each one of us live every moment in the comfort of “He is not here, He is risen” and live in such a way that people will know that Jesus lives in our spiritual hearts. Share the love of Jesus in everything that you do!

Love, Larry

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